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Two things I really, really want in my life!

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Two things I really, really want in my life!

1. More robots! After the successful (slightly painful and hair-tearing-outty) construction of the 12 Lego WeDo alligator robots with my Year 6s last week, I am keen to get programming in our next lesson. As much as I like these alligators, I want something more adventurous and open-ended to build with my pupils… Lego Mindstorms are on my wishlist! Also hoping to run a Robot Workshop in the Summer term- watch this space/ blog to see how it goes!

2. AURASMA!! I have been reading a lot about augmented reality and how it can enhance primary school learning….. especially through the App Aurasma. Hoping to get cracking with this in the summer term too! Just need to get Aurasma installed on our school iPads and figure out the best ways to increase the potential of learning and sharing in my school.

If you have any tips or recommendations on robots/ augmented reality, please get in touch!
❤ Will make these two goals reality at some point!! ❤