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My Digital Leaders article!!!

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

My Digital Leaders article!!!

Hooray, very pleased to see my article on Digital Leaders out in the March edition of Primary Teacher Update this month!! Even got my title on the front cover.
Very keen to spread the word about Digital Leaders as a way of increasing potential and attainment of ICT in schools.
My next project for my doctorate is to convert this VERY SAME article- which is written in an informal style for practitioners- into an academic research piece for submission to an academic journal. What an exciting project! Also thinking about exploring pupil voice, through the roles of DLs, as the thread for my PhD thesis…. felling very inspired today! Any comments welcome!
You can read the article via the primaryteacherupdate website but you will need to pay to view.


The iPad Revolution!

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

The iPad Revolution!

My latest article, ‘IPAD REVOLUTION’, all about using iPads for extra-curricular activities at school, has just come out in Innovate my School Magazine!
If you fancy running a fresh club next term, why not read my article via or click the photo for a link.
Please message me if you want some advice or help in setting up a club for your pupils using iPads 🙂
My article covers 3 pages in the magazine, pages 16/17/18. Feedback welcome 🙂

QR Codes in the Classroom!!!

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

QR Codes in the Classroom!!!

Despite all of the incredible things I saw, heard about, and played with at BETT 2014, the highlight had to be the TeachPrimary stand (publishers also of TeachNursery and TeachSecondary Magazines) handing out issues to hundered of people of their latest TeachPrimary magazine- containing my third and latest article!! In this article (see photo) entitled ‘Hidden Histories’ I detail a lesson which brings QR Codes (those little black and white squares you have probably seen on packaging and newspaper pages) into the classroom, bridging an exciting divide between our virtual world and our real one. If you are interested in how to use QR Codes in your class, message me for further information!

Using iPads to Support, Extend and Assess learning

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Using iPads to Support, Extend and Assess learning


Very excited to see my first little article about iPad use in the primary classroom published by Innovate My School; it contains eight ideas on how to use iPads with your class in order to support, stretch and monitor your pupils’ ICT capabilities and academic understanding. You can read this article for free by clicking the hyperlinked title above.