About Me

Who is Mrs Gibson?
Mother to two angelic boys, living and working in London, with a passion for primary-age teaching and a commitment to single-sex schools. I hold a BA Hons in Education, a Masters in Education, and am now approaching the end of my third year of my part-time Doctorate in Education.
Key interests include Digital Learning, Creative Media and Technology in the primary classroom, and exploring both the positive and negative impact that these instruments can have on education and lifelong learning.

So why ‘Please Mrs Gibson’?
A favourite poem with many pupils and teachers alike, ‘Please Mrs Butler’ plunges you right into the classroom; the teacher has clearly had enough of tales being told and wants a minute to herself. This poem was written years ago but perhaps has an almost timeless quality- despite the advances in our classrooms regarding technology, subject topics and teaching styles, the bottom line is that children will always be children.

And this is where I am; a teacher in a modern classroom complete with iPads, Apple computers and interactive technology, trying to find a balance between enhancing my everyday teaching, learning many new skills myself on my Doctorate research degree, entertaining and educating my own two children, and letting those pupils that I teach still, simply, be children- tale-telling, scraped knees on the playground and all.

This is my blog. Enjoy.

Mrs Gibson

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