The Internal Conflict of External Posting…

Monday, May 18th, 2015

‘He wanted his posts to be read, and feared that people would read them, and hoped that people would read them, and didn’t care if people read them’… (Nussbaum 2004)– just some of the feelings experienced by a teenage boy posting on a blog.


‘He wanted to be included while priding himself on his outsider status. And while he sometimes wrote messages that were explicitly public — announcing a band practice, for instance — he also had his own stringent notions of etiquette. His crush had an online journal, but J. had never read it; that would be too intrusive, he explained’ (Nussbaum 2004).

Reading these findings from Nussbaum’s research has made me reflect on WHY we post online.. is it for affirmation? Do we, as social beings, need other people to affirm our identity? The question, then, is how can we be affected if our post on a blog or social media site goes unliked or without comment?


One comment on “The Internal Conflict of External Posting…

  1. Reference to original post: Nussbaum, E. (2004) My So-Called Blog. In: New York Times Magazine, January 11, 2004.

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