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TabToob Case for iPads!

Friday, August 8th, 2014


The one question that many teachers interested in using iPads in the classroom ask me is, ‘what cases do you use?’. With older pupils, a simple gel case will suffice, but when it comes to Early Years or pupils who may have reduced mobility or other Special Education Needs, something more substantial is needed.
What a delight, therefore, when I discovered the TabToob, an EVA foam, affordable, shock-proof case available in sizes to fit all versions of iPad, including the new iPad Air!
The case (available in blue, black or red) is lightweight, easy to grip, and even has an easy-to-remove velcro screen protector, which doubles up as a stand for your iPad! This is especially useful for hands-free access with younger pupils.
The thickness of the case means that even when dropped from standing height, the iPad is totally unscathed; the TabToob website takes this one step further and shows how even when being throwing over a bannister, the iPad is still protected!
You can buy additional products to enhance the TabToob; the ‘tabstrap’ (£4.99) is a neck or shoulder strap, easy to adjust in length, and can be worn by the user to avoid dropping, or- usefully- provides a bagless way of transporting the iPad around the school or home. The TabToob would also be a great asset if taking iPads out on a field trip or residential- easy to wipe clean if it gets muddy, the TabToob would take the worry away from the devices being damaged.
Another nice touch is that the TabToob comes with a set of appealing, brightly coloured stickers which display the friendly TabToob logo, and I envisage these being particularly useful where pupils are required to use the same iPad each lesson- by adding coloured stickers, pupils easily know which iPad is the one they were using last time.
And are there any down-sides to this product? I have to admit that when you first try fitting the iPad into the TabToob, it is a very snug fit- but the thoughtful, enclosed note that came with the product did inform me of this, and put my mind at rest! Once in the case, you can rest assured pupils will not easily be able to remove the device! Secondly, although the TabToob has cut-outs in the case for charging, adjusting volume, and plugging in headphones, it is not possible to turn the iPad on or off once the case is fitted. Personally, I do not wish pupils to be able to turn devices on or off, but on the off-chance that an App malfunctions, and you need to restart the iPad, you can be faced with a battle or first trying to remove the iPad from the case. Luckily, these occasions are very rare.
The TabToob case certainly provides piece of mind, and it is refreshing to find a simply but effective product that really does what is claims to do. I look forward to approaching the budget department at the start of the new school year to hopefully buy several for our Early Years department! Fingers crossed!
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