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Holding a Robot Workshop

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Am really excited to have gotten my hands on 5 Lego Mindstorm robots this week! I am going to be holding a Robot Workshop with a class of Year 6 pupils (10-11 years old) tomorrow to explore programming and debugging. The workshop will begin by showing the class the Mindstorm interface on the computer, explaining different sections such as the ‘common palette’ (toolkit). Pupils will then work in groups of 5 to create a program for their robot before downloading it onto the robot itself. These robots are great as they have light sensors, sound sensors, and the ability to ‘talk’ by playing sound effects or sound clips. The highlight is going to be a competition ‘Escape!’ where each group will need to forward-think in order to create a program that will also their robot to move form the ‘starting line’ (wall) to the classroom door! If you have held a robot workshop or used robots in school yourself, I would love to hear from you!