Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 18.29.34I think I have found a new hobby for my spare time at work ( not that there is ever any spare time…)- reviewing products for schools! Primary Teacher Update approached me to review an online literary resource for their magazine, and my review came out in this month’s (July 2014) edition of PTU; it meant free trial use of a product that could feed into my teaching, and trying to summarise the programme in just 250 words was an amusing challenge! Looking forward to many more reviews to come- if you have an educational product that needs testing, please get in touch 🙂


2 comments on “Reviewing…

  1. Sean Byrne says:

    We could probably use your services…check out be good to have you review some of our products. Or even write for us?

    • Dear Sean, thanks for your message, yes I would definitely be keen to review products for you or even writing for you! Have been doing some exciting bits in my classroom with Augmented Reality lately. I will have a look at your website and online magazine, please do get in touch!

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