Measuring ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in our Primary Schools

Sunday, May 18th, 2014
Are there any empathy tests out there?
We are looking for measures of the following:
1. Pride 2. Friendship 3. Generosity. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I read this quote (above) and it really resonated with everything I’ve been thinking about for my next piece, ‘Exploring the Sociology of Pupil Leadership in the Primary School:  How is Emotional Intelligence Developed in Key Stage 2 Pupils through the Employment of a ‘Digital Leaders’ Scheme?’.
First of all, the quote raises the question, what is emotional intelligence? I mean, really, what does it mean to be emotionally intelligent- is this, in fact, an invalid concept, and are we infact dealing with the binaries of general intelligence and rationality? Secondly, how easy is it to measure if a pupil is emotionally intelligent? And thirdly, if emotional intelligence is important for leaders to possess, how can teachers develop this in pupils at school? It seems that quote has provoked more questions in me than I have answers, but when we are preparing our pupils to be the adults – and leaders- of the future, perhaps we need to move away from teaching so much knowledge in the classroom, and instead consider how to make our students more emotionally intelligent?….

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