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It’s better to …

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

“It’s better to have 8 iPads permanently in your classroom than share a class set”- Julian Coultas


After a super two day workshop, I have been feeling rather inspired by Julian Coultas from Apple, who showed my school how to enhance teaching and learning through the use of iPads. Julian Coultas led a workshop with each of the classes in Junior School, showing them an exciting range of age-appropriate Apps, and interesting ways to capture and share work with each other using the iPad camera. His quote (above) about having a static set of iPads, with one device per group of pupils, rather than 1:1, has really started me thinking about the practicalities of this in class, and how I can modernise my teaching and learning as a result… watch this space!

Digital Leaders

Sunday, October 27th, 2013


Do you have Digital Leaders (DLs) at your school? Do you realise how valuable they can be for supporting the teacher and their peers in the classroom? If so, I’d love to hear about how you use DLs at your school, and if not, let me explain more…

So what is the idea?
Digital leaders are, at the basic idea, pupil monitors for the tech that is used in schools. They are children who are interested, enthusiastic and thanks to training, knowledgeable! They spread good behaviour with technology, support teachers and are able to showcase what is possible. And, importantly, they develop their own skills and become a showcase for what is achievable!

Why Digital Leaders?

Giving the children, and indeed the teacher a high profile, with the title, badges and official roles will benefit all involved. Digital Leaders are trained to carry out specific jobs regularly (such as emptying the photo roll on iPads weekly…) and can support teachers when needed, (printing all of the presentations from DropBox). They will also support pupils when blogging, can have access to some passwords and get to try new technology. Promoting their role means that teachers and parents will take them seriously, and the experience they get from this will be very valuable!
They can also be advocates and ‘champions’ of technology: demonstrating it’s use to the rest of the school.